In simple terms clipping path is what surrounds the image. It allows you to remove the picture from the original background and create it a new background. It just operates the way you can cut an image from a magazine with a scissor.


What do we use a clipping path to?

  • Change the background of a product or object
  • You can also use to hide background without actually removing the background
  • Edit a particular part or change an image shape
  • To correct colors in an image.


How to do Clipping path

At Clipping Path Mart we use different software such as the industry standard Adobe Photoshop. When using Photoshop, we specifically use the pen tool to define highly precise clipping path for our clients. When drawing the path, our designers zoom the image by 200% to 300% depending on the quality of the image. The zooming enables the designers to create enough and good anchor points. When you have good anchor points, it’s easy to retain the correct shape of the object. It’s also important not to have too many of few anchor points since they can result in an inadequate cut-out of an image.

The team has adequate experience in using this Pen Tool, and it’s achieved via any automated functions. As a result and due to the efficiency of this tool we never use other software.

Clipping Path Mart is known to be a quality graphics studio which offers highly skilled image manipulation and editing. We are very proud of our professionalism and the quality of our end products.

The cost of our services depends on the quality of pictures required, the turnaround time required and the complexity levels in the images.  By hiring us, you benefit from DTP professionals with a quality experience at an affordable fee. Our quotation is available within 30 minutes after inquiry.