This is simply improving the current look of an image. This process is also sometimes called Photoshop retouching, airbrushing or even photo shopping. Even professional images sometimes have some defection which requires retouching. Whether you feel that a photo is not well lit, improve natural colours, add an effect of indoor or outdoor, and add warmth and glow Clipping Path Mart will do all that.


When to do image retouching?

      1. Removal of Blue-Tack

We remove Blue-Tack and other remedies and shadows or reflections. This may have come from products shots or having a string with hooks which are used to keep products in the right position during shots.

      2. Beauty airbrushing

We ensure that the image appears as you want it. That beautifies the model, accessories, surrounding, and clothing.

      3. Blemish retouching

You may take a shot then see dust, scratches or even other errors. We correct all those errors to make your image as clear as you want it.


How to do image retouching?

Our company has partnered before with other companies who have contacted to ensure the quality of their images is upheld. Removal of spots or blemish from photos and advancing colour correction has always been part of our work.

Our studio is always open during the day and at night. We also have the ability to provide clients with quotations within a short period of time. There is also a 20-hour email support.