Image manipulation involves changing or transforming images in a professional way by skilled designers who use Photoshop to makes images have a now great look. Manipulation is always about showing certain strains in a photo. The main aim is always to have a finished composition which has a natural look.


When is image manipulation used?

      1. Neck joint manipulation

When we need to demonstrate a shirt as it is worn without demonstrating a mannequin or model we utilize neck joint control. Nonetheless, the utilization of the term neck joint is to some degree misdirecting as the control should include pants, caps or some other protest worn by a mannequin or model. As an outcome, the item looks normal as in it would appear that it is worn yet worn by an undetectable individual so we get the chance to see within the items where the model or mannequin would somehow or another cover the view.

      2. Color variation manipulation

When we need to demonstrate the shading variations accessible for an item we may utilize shading control whereby we utilize one photograph of the item and one photograph of each of the hues – or on the other hand definitions for the hues. The advantage of doing it along these lines is that the item other than the shading is totally indistinguishable, which isn’t achievable by regular photography. The advantage of shading variety control is particularly awesome online where a client will tap the diverse shading varieties.

      3. Selection manipulation

When we need to indicate one component out of many changes in a picture we utilize determination control whereby we control one particular territory of the photo – a light turning on, a turn killed, diverse names on a similar container or same coat distinctive catches. Doing it along these lines enables us to demonstrate the pictures as a slideshow forward and backward where nothing else except for the component controls switches. Further, when demonstrating numerous holders (jars, bottles and so on.) with various substance/names, this is the best approach to make a uniform characteristic look when indicating more than one variation in a similar look.


How to do image manipulation

Image manipulation requires both expertise and experience in order to have the best idea of presenting the photo. Our company works closely with the clients to understand clearly what they expect of us. The main software we use is Photoshop.

Clipping Path Mart has always produced an image of high quality when it comes to image manipulation. This is because of the high experience in the area. We constant book our staff for training to further their skill and ensure that they are updated in the image manipulation field.