What is Image Masking?

Photoshop Image masking is a process of detaching an image from its main image or background. Separated image may place in another background or it may stand itself own. Now-a-days it is usually done by hand on a computer using a program like Photoshop. Alpha Masking and Transparent Masking are two popular masking type and we are very professional on it.


Alpha Masking

In computer graphics, alpha masking is the way toward joining a picture with an alternate foundation to make the presence of halfway or full straightforwardness. It is regularly valuable to render picture components in various passes and after that consolidate the subsequent numerous 2D pictures into a solitary, final image is called the composite.


Transparent Masking

This method can be utilized to blur a picture out of spotlight shading or another picture, content and so on. We can easily do this by doing following steps:

1. Open or create a new Photoshop file.

2. Click on the layer you want to mask.

3. Select the area that will remain visible.

4. Click on “Add Layer Mask” icon.

5. Save the changes.